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If you have not yet read the July/August issue of Asphalt Pavement Magazine, here’s your chance. This issue not only addresses how to tackle some of the current workforce issues, it introduces us to some inspiring women in the asphalt industry. Click here to read now.


HAPI Hosted Free Video Conference

Hawaii HAPI - from CRiggs at NCATOn August 15th HAPI hosted a very well-attended free “Introduction to WofA” video conference. Founding members Amy Miller and Natasha Ozybko were on the call and shared their story of forming WofA, current initiatives, and future plans. They also shared ways members can benefit from WofA initiatives and discussed ways to engage. After this discussion, Amy and Natasha stayed on the line and spoke specifically to attendees from Hawaii about the possibility of a local WofA Hawaii branch.

PAIKY Hosted First WofA Event

On June 7, PAIKY hosted it’s first WofA event. The very successful luncheon included networking, information about WofA, and Federal Highway Administrator Nicole Nason as the featured speaker. Administrator Nason spoke to the challenges our industry faces and the national programs being implemented. Administrator Nason also touched on key statistics that highlighted the need for more women within the industry. For more information please click here.

Mentorship & Networking Opportunities!

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One of the primary goals of Women of Asphalt is to foster and promote networking and mentoring opportunities. Although we are still formalizing the program, if you are interested in being a mentor or would like to connect with a mentor, please click here for more information.

 Show off Your WofA Pride!

Show off your Women of Asphalt pride by purchasing a Women of Asphalt shirt and/or hat. The shirts come in safety pink, safety green, and light pink. The hats come in a safety pink/gray combination.

Quantities are limited, so purchase your Women of Asphalt shirt and/or hat today by clicking here.

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